How To: Find intercepts & use them to graph linear equations

Find intercepts & use them to graph linear equations

The first question asks for the intercepts x and y. To find X, you would need to set Y to zero, leaving the equation 3X=6. X then equals 2 after you divide both sides by 3. The X intercept that you found is not just the value of 2, but it is the ordered pair X=2 and Y=0 on a graph. To find Y, you would do the same thing, except this time X would be set to 0. In the second example of this video tutorial, you will actually learn how to graph the X and Y intercepts. To do that, you follow the steps outlined in Example 1. To actually plot the points, simply look at each ordered pair and then graph the points accordingly and then connect the two dots. In the third video example, you will need to find the intercepts and then graph the points of a more complex problem, 4X+2Y=4. By making one of the unknowns zero, you can find the other unknown no matter how complex the equation. In the final example of this video, there are given points - not intercepts - that need to be graphed. Instead of substituting zero, you are given a point that you will need to plug into the equation and then solve accordingly. By learning each of the four equations in this video tutorial you can learn how to find intercepts and plot them on a graph no matter how complicated the equation.

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