How To: Find the distance between 2 points w/ distance formula

Find the distance between 2 points w/ distance formula

Algebra – The Distance Formula.
This video describes how to find the distance between 2 points of a graph in a step by step method. Made by Ya Math, the instructor assists the class in finding the distance between (6,8) and (3,4) by showing us the equation d=v((x_1-x_2 )^2+(y_1-y_2 )^2 ) In this equation, 6 and 3 are the x axis numbers and the 8 and 4 are the y axis numbers respectively, thus v((6-3)^2+(8-4)^2 ) Working from the inside the radical, the instructor subtracts the parenthesis gives us v((3)^2+(4)^2 ). Next, each answer is squared (3)^2+(4)^2 , and then added together 9+16, which equals 25. Finally, as shown in the original equation, the square root of 25 is 5. Therefore, by using the formula d=v((x_1-x_2 )^2+(y_1-y_2 )^2 ), we know that the distance between 6(x) and 8(y), and 3(x) and 4(y), the answer is 5.

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