How To: Find the area of irregular shapes

Find the area of irregular shapes

This video explains how to find the area of irregular shapes. Draw the shape on a grid or graph paper. This will help you divide your shape into pieces. Draw dotted lines to divide the shape into squares, rectangles or triangles. For instance, if you have an "L" shape, you can divide the shape into two rectangles. Be sure your shapes do not overlap. Calculate the area of each individual shape. The graph paper will help you determine the length and width of each shape. Add the resulting areas together to get the final area for the irregular shape.

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sooooooo, how do you find the area of Nevada?

There is another more accuratemethod to find irregular area.

For example we can trace the hand in a specific type of paper that is known in density 'mass/area' then cut the shape and weigh it, and by dividing the weight by the density will get the area.

Calculated example
Density of paper is 2g/300sc
And the mass of the irregular shape 'hand' is 3g, then the area of the shape is
A:3g/(2g/300sc):450sc it is large hand#
Use accurate balance.
We can find density of paper by regular shape of the same type of paper.

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