How To: Find the area of a hexagon

Find the area of a hexagon

In this video you can learn how to find the area of a hexagon. Visualize that the hexagon is made up of six equilateral triangles, with each side of the hexagon as the base for a different triangle. Determine the length of any triangle side by measuring it. Each side should be equal in length to any other side. L will represent this number. Determine the height of any triangle. This can be done by putting one end of your ruler at the halfway point on any side of any triangle and the other end at the triangle's point. Each triangle should be equal in height to any other triangle within the hexagon. H will represent the height. Use the equation (1/2L*H)6. Take half of the length and multiply it by the height. Take this number and multiply it by six. The product of this equation is the area of the hexagon.

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