How To: Find the area of a circle with pi

Find the area of a circle with pi

This video shows how to find the area of a circle using a formula. The formula for area of circle is pie multiplied by square of radius. Pie is actually an infinite number but for the sake of convenience we consider the value of pie as 3.14. So we multiply the square of radius with 3.14. Radius is the distance between the center point of the circle to any of the outside arcs. It is actually half of the diameter (diameter is the distance between two arcs of a circle). As an example here the radius is taken to be 6 inches. So first we find the square of 6. It simply means multiplying 6 by the same number. So we get the value 36. Now to find the area of the circle we shall multiply 3.14 by 36. You can do this by calculator or manually. The value comes to 113.04 inches square which is the area of the circle with radius of 6 inches. Whenever we talk about area we have to put square in the end of the answer.

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