How To: Evaluate combinations of functions from graphs

Evaluate combinations of functions from graphs

YouTube user NotesCollegeAlgebra teaches you how to evaluate combinations of functions from graphs. You start off with a graph and some functions. (f+g)(-3), (g/f)(0) and (fg)(-6). You start looking at the graph and the first line and you get (f+g)(-3)=f(-3)+g(-3)=3+1=4. (g/f)(0)=g(0)/f(0)=2/-3=-2/3. (fg)(-6)=f(-6)g(-6)=(-3). But then when you want to find out g(-6) you realize -6 is not in g's domain. So the answer to the last equation is that it doesn't exist.

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Thank you so much .. that really helped since i have a mid-tern in two days

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