How To: Draw the "y=A|x-h|+k" graph

Draw the "y=A|x-h|+k" graph

In this video, one teacher talked in detail about how to solve absolute value functions and how to translate different absolute value functions from one point in the matrix to another one horizontally and vertically. If the function is y=A|x-h|+k, generally, the diagram is symmetric based on the line of X and can be moved vertically based on k. The teacher gave several examples to explain how to illustrate the absolute value function. He started with a simple one: y=|x-h|, then continued with a more complex one: y=A|x-h|. From his illustration on the board, I find that the slope of the lines become steeper or flatter depending how big A is. Finally he gave the illustration of A|x-h|+k, the line of which is moved vertically.

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