How To: Do a fun fast multiplication trick

Do a fun fast multiplication trick

This how-to video is about multiplying numbers in a very quick and in a new manner.

Multiplication of two - 2 digit number is explained in this video, To do this multiplication we need to follow three steps, let's follow this method with an example, let's say that we want to multiply 23 with 46, let's write the numbers like this, 23*46 (multiplying 23 with 46), the answer is 1058.

First we have to multiply the two right top and bottom numbers that is 3 times 6 which is 18,write 8 in the answer and remember 1, then multiply the top right number by bottom number and bottom left number with top right number and add the resulting numbers, here we have to multiply 2 by 6 and 4 by 3 which gives 12 and 12, then add these two numbers (12+12=24) which gives 24, add the remainder 1 to the answer i.e.) 24+1= 25, now write 5 in the answer and remember the remainder 2, now we have to multiply the two upper and lower left side numbers, which is 4 by 2 which gives 8, then add the remainder to this number which gives 8+2 =10, now write 10 to the answer, so the result is 1058.

This video is very helpful to new understand a new and quicker method of multiplication.

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