How To: Divide larger numbers and do long division

Divide larger numbers and do long division

This is video for how to divide large numbers by doing long division with easy methods. This video describes that dividing the "Dividend" with "Divisor" to get the "Quotient" and "Remainder" if they exist. In the given example first "25" taken as the Dividend and "5" is will be the Divisor. Divide this value the multiplication is needed. For above example "5*5=25" is the result so, the "Quotient" is "5".If the value is large for example "506" of dividend and "8" of divisor means, first we should take the first two digit of the dividend value for division, the value will be "6*8=48". Now, we will get the Quotient of "6" first and the remainder will be "2", now the third digit of the dividend "6" will be suffixed with remainder, now the value will be "26".Then "3*8=24" will be the value for second division. So now finally we will get the "Quotient" as "63" and the "Remainder" as "2". I have learned how to divide larger numbers and do long division in easy method by this video.

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