How To: Divide fractions with a simple method

Divide fractions with a simple method

This video describes how to divide fraction values using simple method. Example we will take as in video "12" should be divided with "1/2" that is "12%(1/2)=?". This is the example we should solve. In first step we has to flip the "Denominator" to easily find the output. So now, we can rewrite the example as "(12/1)%(1/2)".It is in the form of division, when we convert it to multiplication it will change as "(12/1)/(1/2)" and then "(12/1)*(2/1). So, denominator "1/2" flipped to "2/1". In the second multiply the value in straight across. Finally we will get the output value as "24". And one example using this calculation is "how many 1/2 ml will take for 12 ml in a bottle. The result is "24". This video has given easy way to divide the fraction. Thank you!!

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