How To: Change percents into fractions

Change percents into fractions

Fractions are numbers written in the form a/b, where a, b are integers. Fractions can also be expressed in the form of percents by multiplying the value of the fraction with hundred. So we can always change percents to fractions and also fractions to percents. Remember that percent means hundredth. So percent means a fraction with a denominator of hundred. When you are given percents and asked to calculate its fraction, divide the percent with hundred. Now this fraction can be further reduced to its simple form. Its always better to represent fractions in their simplest form to avoid any kind of confusion, because a fraction can have an unlimited number of equivalent fractions. In this way convert percents to fractions. This video shows how to change percents into fractions.

Change percents into fractions

Change percents into fractions Click through to watch this video on

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