How To: Change an improper fraction into a mixed number

Change an improper fraction into a mixed number

In a fraction where the bottom number, the denominator, is smaller than the top number, the numerator, it is called an improper fraction. Because it is improper, you'll want to fix it by turning it into a mixed number.

Look at your denominator and ask yourself "How many times does it go into the numerator without going over?" For example, if your fraction was (5/2), 2 would go into 5 two times. However, because two 2s only equals 4, we are one number short. So after writing a big 2, beside it, make the numerator the numbers that are left over - in this case, 1. Put your original denominator under this new numerator. This gives you an answer of (2 1/2).

Another way to make a mixed number from a fraction is to do basic division. Divide the denominator into the numerator and work the problem out until you have no more remainders.

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