How To: Calculate sums in standard form

Calculate sums in standard form

When a number is expressed in the form of x multiplied by 10^y such that, x < 10 and y is an integer, the number is said to be in standard form. Standard form of expressing numbers finds its use in scientific and statistical fields. This video demostrates how to express, as well as perform basic mathematical operations namely, addition/subtraction, multiplication and division of numbers in the standard form using four examples/mathematical problems. The first two examples demostrate multiplication, the third example shows how to perform division of two numbers whereas the final example shows the correct method of adding / subtracting two numbers in standard forms.

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Q1 u are wrong it is 10 to the power of eleven as you forgot about when u moved the decimals back to add two to the powers so adab

u did it correct in Q2 as u "compensated" the sum

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