How To: Calculate GPA

Calculate GPA

If you fear you're off to summer school, ease the stress of uncertainty with some simple math and know when to seek help with your grades.
You Will Need
* A four point grading scale
* Recent grades
* A pen and paper
* A calculator

Step 1: Find a grading scale
Find a four-point grading scale that assigns a point value from four to zero for every possible grade.

Most schools in the United States use a four-point scale, where A=4, B=3, C=2, D=1, and E=0. If you're unsure ask your teacher or an administrator.

Step 2: Collect recent grades
Collect the most recent grades you can by asking your teacher or an office administrator.

Step 3: Record the point value for each grade
Write down the correct point value next to each grade using the four-point scale.

Step 4: Add the points together
Add up all the points and write down the total.

Step 5: Calculate the average
Calculate the average by dividing the total by the number of grades you added together. This is your GPA.

Fact: A recent poll found that 53 percent of parents said they are relieved when summer vacation is over and their kids head back to school.

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