How To: Calculate the area of a circle with visuals

Calculate the area of a circle with visuals

Learn how to find the area of circle by activity method.

Requirements: A circle cut out, a pair of scissors, sketch pen, and a ruler.

Take a circle of the radius.
Fold the circle along itself.
Fold it again.
Fold yet again.
And again.
Now unfold and observe the crease.
Number all the parts circle 1, 2,3,4,5...
Cut each part of the circle.
Arrange the cutouts adjust like parallelogram.
Take the extreme part and cut into two equal parts.
And place the each of the two parts on either part on either side to get a rectangle.
Now the parallelogram transforms into rectangle.
Measure the length and breadth of the rectangle.
Now we see that the length of the rectangle is equal to the half of the circumference of the circle and the breadth is equal to the radius of the circle.

Calculate the area of the rectangle (using the formula)
Area of the rectangle= length*breadth
So the area of circle= Area of rectangle

= length*breadth

= (pi*r)*r

Which is the formula of the area of the circle?

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