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News: The Magical Mathematics of Doodling

For someone who loves math as much as Vi Hart (a self-proclaimed "mathematical musician"), she doesn't pay an awful lot of attention to her math teacher. But that's ok. Cuz somehow her wonderfully whimsical doodling transforms into mini lessons on graph theory, mobius strips, binaries, fractals and more.

News: Eat Candy Buttons Like a Math Musician

Meet Vi Hart, our charming host. Vi is a self-labeled "mathematical musician", who burns paper instruments, cuts food into mathematical shapes, twists balloons into mathematical models, and makes mathematical music with candy buttons.

News: The Scientific Formula for the Perfect Handshake

Scientists have recently released a mathematical breakdown of the perfect handshake. The University of Manchester researchers discovered that nearly one-in-five people hate the handshake, listing complaints such as sweaty palms, limp wrists, gripping too hard and no eye contact.

Mathematical Beading: Accessories to Thought

Math is unreasonably effective in describing the natural universe. Anyone who's seen Walt Disney's Donald in Mathmagic Land knows this to be so. Well, the axiom works in reverse, too: The physical stuff of the universe can model math right back. And to great effect.

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