How To: Win the national lottery with number picking tips

Win the national lottery with number picking tips

Are there any ways to cheat chance and win the lottery without difficulty? Do lucky numbers and sequences work? See how to win the lottery, or at least have a better chance, by watching this how to video.

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hallo guys, i have trying to study how to win the lottery doing some calculation, mixing numbers, trying different styles but it seems like this doesn't work. that is why i tried to see if other people have been trying to win big. i know and i can feel it, there is some millions of dollars some where and i need to do everything to win it. i hope you have some tricks to help me perfecting my road to millions. S.O.S

i am only 15 but i am going to tell my dad to buy a lottery ticket, and he will cause he is preaty cool, an i am going to trie this strategi to see if it works.

sorry for taking a log time for leaving a comment, but i am sead to pronounce that this strategie is FAKE!!! there is no strategie on wining the lotterie, no mater who any one tells you it's all a game of chance,a and probability.

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